ROCKASS - Punk'n'Roll Info 2004 - 2008


Punk ’n’ Roll from Berlin, influenced by Nashville Pussy, Turbonegro, New Bomb Turks, Stooges, and Motörhead. Rockass played the first gig 3 month after the launch of the band in march ’02 and gave more than 20 concerts in the first year. The band played in and around Berlin (e.g. in Wild at Heart, Tacheles, K 17) and in other German cities (K44/Gießen, Subway to Peter/Chemnitz etc.) with Good Witch of the South, Berzerkers (NL), Gutbucket, The Dirtshakes, Rämouns, The Cherry Valence (US), Peter Pan Speedrock (NL), and BugGIRL (AUS) and is known as a striking live act. The four tear along an eventful program of high speed bombs and unite the rough energy of punk rock with the dirty power of rock´n´roll. Fat, tight, ass-kicking.


  • Rockass (3 track Demo-CD)

  • 2002 (8 track Demo-CD)

  • Rockass Total (10 tracks, including "Have a laugh at warriors" + "No more hamburgers")

  • Live im Intertank

  • Strike (4 track EP)

  • Ass of Spades (6 track CD)

  • Live in der KVU

  • ROCKASS recorded live at the Café ZAPATA on the 18th of june 2005

  • Sampler:
    - Tribut to Soilent Grün
    - Underdog #10
    - Plastic Bomb #50


    17.4.2003: Dr. Pop, Radio Fritz
    19.10.2003: Kenfm, Radio Fritz
    8.9.2004: HoRadS 99,2

    Reactions from the press:

    "Die vier Songs, die auf der "Strike" Demo zu finden sind, haben somit einen LP-reifen Sound, sind allesamt fett und schön geradeaus gespielt und treten wirklich Arsch." (Chris Virgo, OX-Fanzine Nr. 55)

    "Die Jungs und Mädels spielen sich den Arsch ab ... Eine Live-Band, wie sie im Buche steht, und die sicher noch von sich reden machen wird." (Dr. Pop, Radio Fritz)

    "With chicks on stage, MC5-poses and dual guitars they riffed and pounded all the support bands off the afternoons map." (The Realthing, rockszeneblatt Berlin, No. 11)

    Infos in Word files:

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    Technical Rider:


  • 1 x front vocals, 2 x backing vocals


  • guitar: 1 jcm 2000 combo (line out possible) + 1 jcm 800 stack

  • bass: 1 vox ac 30 (line out of chandler tube driver in DI box, phone jack) + 1 bass amp (in DI box, phone jack)

  • drums: b, sn, 1 tomtom, 1 floortom, 1 hihat, 4 cymbals
    7 power sockets on stage